In times of declining print sales it is nice to see that there are still some people out there who have made it their life mission to keep those printed words and photos alive and well. One example is Free Skateboard Magazine from England. Will Harmon, Arthur Derrien and Sam Ashley are the masterminds behind this skate mag which was created after the sale of Kingpin Magazine to a big publishing house. Free Skate Mag is proof that printed magazines are core and irreplaceable to the skateboard world in offering something in addition to all the online skateboard content which is uploaded on a minutely basis nowadays. Free Skate Mag is available free of charge in our local shop in Wuerzburg, Germany and if you decide to order something on our online shop there’s the chance you will get one of the issues with your order ;) From time to time, Free is releasing clothing items such as the all time classic Marrakech T-Shirt.

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