The »Offline-Calendar« for 2022 is a contradiction in itself — printed pixels.
But there’s much more meaning behind this oxymoron than you might expect. Rather, this calendar is meant to bring you good vibes every day, with or without added itineraries. Your analog companion in the scheduling of daily activities.

The first edition which will include 500 copies will be printed by our partner company the eco-printing studio bonitasprint in Würzburg.
Needless to say that a local, environmentally conscious and fair production is a standard we strive for constantly.

Design: büro bungalow
Publisher: büro bungalow
Print colours: PANTONE 601 U, PANTONE 671 U
Format: DIN A1, 59,4 x 84cm
Printing: offset
Paper: high quality paper
Packaging: : recyclable, eco-plastic