Pass~Port Presents KITSCH Box


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Limited numbers available

Gold Die Struck Digger USB 8GB 6cm x 5.5 cm

Includes PASS~PORT presents Kitsch The Movie

Silk Printed Scarf – 50cm x 76cm

Black Box with gold foil screen print – 8cm x 11cm

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Do you come from a land down under? If you don’t know this line, you’ve probably been living in a hole your whole damn life. Not the topic sorry. Passport Skateboards. Founded by Trent Evans in 2009 meant to fill the gap in the Australian skateboard scene with a decent Australian-born brand, for skateboarders by skateboarders. Fast-forward to 2020, Passport Skateboards is The Australian Skateboard Brand right now. Why is that? Well, their team consists of heavy hitters like Jack O’Grady, Josh Pall, Callum Paul & Mattlok Bennett-Jones. Their video output including last years’ full-length “KITSCH” is next level. Just like their board and clothing collections which are released three times a year. Bucket hats, work shirts, logo & graphic tees, hoodies, everything a skateboarders’ heart is beating for.

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